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Prof. Dr. Andreas Jess, Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bayreuth, in the future of his science, ethics and the question of how much earth needs man. Only available in german language.
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Together with Peter Wasserscheid from the chair of chemical reaction engineering at the university of Erlangen/Nuremberg Andreas Jess published the textbook "Chemical technology - An Integrated Textbook" in february 2013.

Dipl.-Ing. Dominik SchröderSchroeder

Staff scientist


since 01.02.2015


Field of research:


  • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for the production of olifins
  • Catalyst synthesis
  • Catalyst characterization
  • Investigation of reaction kinetics modeling 


The current economic analysis suggests that oil prices remain subject to substantial fluctuations, and thus the range of products produced varies depending on the mode of operation of refineries and crackers. Due to these fluctuations, a plant can quickly become unprofitable for the operator and the product range has to be adjusted for profit in terms of market needs. The shifts can cause desperate straits for processes which depend on the supply of the byproducts as feed streams.

The Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) offers a possibility to get independent of market fluctuations for short-chain olefins, particularly proylene and butene. The FTS produces a hydrocarbon spectrum corresponding to the Anderson-Schulz-Flory distribution and can be controlled by skillfully adjusting the catalysts. Various catalysts are studied within this project to map the desired product range. Further investigations and experiments are intended in order to suppress olefin hydrogenation to paraffins in the reactor system.

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