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Prof. Dr. Andreas Jess, Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bayreuth, in the future of his science, ethics and the question of how much earth needs man. Only available in german language.
Graduates in demand, which may be part of a diploma or PhD thesis in the context of an industrial cooperation are want to deal with various problems of chemical engineering. If you are interested please contact us immediately to get information about current offers.
Together with Peter Wasserscheid from the chair of chemical reaction engineering at the university of Erlangen/Nuremberg Andreas Jess published the textbook "Chemical technology - An Integrated Textbook" in february 2013.

Technical equipment of the Department

Our laboratories are equipped to support synthetic chemical experiments as well as engineering experiments. In addition to laboratories suitable for synthetic (organic) chemistry and even reactions under inert conditions the institute has several fume cupboards for pilot plants.

Special processes with toxic or explosive media or high-pressure techniques are examined in an autoclav  rooms. The appliances are equipped with  computerized data acquisition and are hooked to the computer network of the institute. Some reactors can be fully automatically operated continuously for long-term tests. In addition to the online analysis the institute has the ability to perform many types of analysis with offline-devices, e.g. DTA, CHNSO elemental analysis of solids/liquids, SN elemental analysis of liquids, GC/FID, GC/MS.

Each laboratory is equipped with automatic gas detectors for CO and the ignitable gases hydrogen and methane (natural gas) with central and local monitoring. The autoclav area is additionally monitored by surveillance cameras.

Experimental apparatus for kinetic studies and reaction engineering

Analytical equipment