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Faculty of Engineering Science (ING)

Chair of Chemical Engineering – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jess

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Date News
01.12.2022 New Employee At The CVT
22.09.2022 New employee at the CVT
01.02.2022 New Article
10.01.2022 Dominik Schröder receives a PhD degree
07.10.2020 New Publications
20.04.2020 Important Information for the summer semester 2020
01.04.2020 New article
31.07.2019 New article
14.05.2019 1st Poster Price is presented to Florian Radakovitsch!
08.04.2019 Graduate / doctoral students sought
05.02.2019 New article published in "Energies"
09.01.2019 New Publication
03.12.2018 New Publication
20.10.2018 Andreas Reul has been awarded the VDI-Prize by Dr. Grond
12.10.2018 Dipl.-Ing. Panagiota Garbis wins poster prize
28.09.2016 Dipl.-Ing. Panagiota-Katherina Garbis wins poster award.
29.02.2016 New book chapters
28.04.2014 Dipl.-Ing. Peter Rausch wins poster prize
19.10.2013 Dr. Wolfgang Korth receives award of good teaching.
11.10.2013 Dipl.-Ing. Theresa Mangartz wins DGMK-Poster Prize
08.05.2013 Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fremerey wins poster prize
01.02.2013 New Textbook "Chemical Technology - An Integrated Textbook" has been published
26.11.2011 Award of the City of Bayreuth to Dr.Ing. Norbert Müller
17.10.2011 Dr.Ing. Christoph Kern receives award of good teaching
07.10.2011 Dipl.-Phy. Florian Heym gets a prize for his scientific talk in Samara (Russia)
06.10.2011 Dipl.-Chem. Lisa Schilder wins the DGMK-Poster Prize
29.09.2011 Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Aschauer receives poster award of ECCE 2011 
23.09.2010 Dipl.-Phy. Florian Heym wins the poster prize
12.05.2010 Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Aschauer gets the poster prize
10.06.2009 Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Müller receives poster award
01.10.2008 Dr.-Ing. Kathrin Schlögel receives prize for excellent master thesis
18.10.2007 Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Seeberger wins poster prize

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