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Faculty of Engineering Science (ING)

Chair of Chemical Engineering – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jess

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Article in a journal (peer-reviewed)

Duerksen, Alexander; Thiessen, Johannes; Kern, Christoph; Jess, Andreas
Fischer–Tropsch synthesis with periodical draining of a liquid-filled catalyst by hydrogen ...
in Sustainable Energy & Fuels vol. 4 (2020) . - pp. 2055-2064
doi:10.1039/C9SE01269A ...

Radakovitsch, Florian; Jess, Andreas
Gas dehydration using the ionic liquid [EMIM][MeSO3] supported on silica gel - structural ...
in Chemical Engineering Journal (2020)
doi:10.1016/j.cej.2020.124689 ...

Schröder, Dominik; Thiessen, Johannes; Jess, Andreas; Scholz, Judith
Influence of the formation of short-chain olefins by manganese/cobalt-catalyzed Fischer–Tr ...
in Catalysis Science & Technology vol. 10 (2020) issue 2. - pp. 475-483
doi:10.1039/C9CY02022E ...

Claußnitzer, Johannes; Bertleff, Benjamin; Korth, Wolfgang; Albert, Jakob; Wasserscheid, Peter; Jess, Andreas
Kinetics of Triphase Extractive Oxidative Desulfurization of Benzothiophene with Molecular ...
in Chemical Engineering & Technology vol. 43 (2020) issue 3. - pp. 465-475
doi:10.1002/ceat.201900448 ...

Garbis, Panagiota Katherina; Jess, Andreas
Selective CO Methanation in H₂-Rich Gas for Household Fuel Cell Applications
in Energies vol. 13 (2020) issue 11
doi:10.3390/en13112844 ...

Master's, Magister, Diploma, or Admission thesis

Vogel, Veronika
Reaktionskinetische Untersuchungen zur Co-katalysierten Hydrogenolyse in einem Semi-Batch- ...
Bayreuth, 2020
(master's thesis, 2020, Universität Bayreuth, Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Lehrstuhl Chemische Verfahrenstechnik)

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