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Faculty of Engineering Science (ING)

Chair of Chemical Engineering – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jess

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Experimental apparatus

Kinetic apparatus

Among other things, the below listed equipment for investigations at pressures to 300 bar and temperatures are available for up to 1500 ° C is available.

Discontinuously working systems:

  • fixed-bed and fluidized-bed-reactors for heterogeneous catalysis and gas-solid-reactions
  • Berty-Reactor for gradient-free investigations of gas-solid-reactions
  • fixed-bed-reactor with integrated wage-cell
  • "Rüttelreaktoren" for the investigation of mass-transfer-effects
  • stirred vessel (up to 750 ml and 300 bar) for the research of mass-transfer and kinetic data
  • reaction cell equiped microscope
  • fountain-reactor
  • ignition-point-rector
  • Thermogravimetrics (TG)
  • Differenz-Thermo-Analysis

Continuously working systems:

  • two- or three-phasic trickle-bed-systems up to 300 bar
  • fixed-bed-reactor with Datsevich-Technology
  • mixer-settler-unit
  • distillation column

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